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Young Bombs' Progressive Take on Cazzette's "Sleepless"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Gabby Espinet

When Beatport and Cazzette teamed up to present a “Sleepless” Contest, I was pretty concerned about the outcome. However, I've got to say a lot of the artists proved me wrong, as I was blown away by a majority of the renditions. But as sick as some of them were, I can officially say Young Bombs’s progressive take is the holy grail of them all.

Cazzette - Sleepless (Young Bombs Remix)

This isn’t the first time we're hearing of the Canadian duo though.  Martin Kottmeier and Tristan Nortan made a killer first impression with me and the rest of the EDM realm when they dropped their remix of Galantis’ “You.”

Galantis - You (Young Bombs Remix)

Oddly enough, “You” is the only other track you can listen to by the pair.  It kind of puts their future as artists into perspective though.  If they only have two flawless mixes up, then they must put an insane amount of time and effort to refine the drops and melodic synths. While the scarce amount of tracks makes you wonder what they have in store,  for me, I expect nothing but the best.