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Tydi: A Peculiar Collaboration

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Zack Long

If one thing is true about tyDi it is that he has always been known for bringing the love. Every time I have had the pleasure of seeing him live it has always brought about an aura of warmth and comfort, granted the last time I saw him was on Valentine's Day, but still, you know what I mean. Tydi Love After browsing SoundCloud a few days ago I came across a brand new tyDi track that he shared on his page which got me pretty excited. I saw the title of the track, but what really caught my eye was who was featured on it: Dashboard Confessional (wait, what?!). Can you say throwback? I haven't heard anything about Dashboard Confessional in years, so when I saw that they were featured on a track, an electronic one at that, I was pretty surprised. Tydi Surprised The story behind the making of this track, as told by tyDi, was particularly inspiring, considering that Dashboard Confessional is his favorite band of all time, and just goes to show that we should always follow our dreams:
Ok so get ready for this.... Some of you know I came from a rock / band background before I studied music and went on to electronica. One of my absolute favourite bands of ALL TIME was (and still is) Dashboard Confessional. So many tracks like "Vindicated" and "Hands Down" resonate with extremely personal memories that I still hold on to today. When I was making my new album "ReDefined" I spoke to Chris about doing a collaboration and it turns out he was actually a fan of my work! (Funny how life goes!!). I actually have to pinch myself when someone asks me, "Hey, did you really work with Chris from Dashboard?" Just saying "yes" to that question gives me chills! This is very literally a lifelong dream collaboration from me, and just a piece of what you can expect from my new album ReDefined. -tyDi
In a beautiful fusion of acoustic and electronic, tyDi and Dashboard Confessional have made a very soothing and beautiful track called "The Closer I Get."

tyDi - The Closer I Get (Feat. Dashboard Confessional)

This track is featured on tyDi's newest album, ReDefined, out on September 30th. If you like what you hear, make sure to pre-order the album now, and get two tracks from it instantly! Thank you tyDi for all of the love that you share in each and every one of your tracks. It is truly refreshing to hear! Tydi thank you