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Jeremy Olander Lives up to the Pryda Name with "PRY29"

Thursday, September 25, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Pryda Records is a very exclusive label; its entire life the only artist on it was Pryda (Eric Prydz) himself. However, a few weeks ago that changed when Prydz announced on his Facebook that his protegé and fellow Pryda Friend Jeremy Olander would be the first ever artist who wasn't Pryda to have a release on the label. Obviously, the man had some big shoes to fill; Pyrda is a legend!  After finally giving the teaser tracks a listen and feeling overjoyed when I saw no one else on OTB had written about it yet, I must say that Olander dd not disappoint. In fact, my ears were utterly pleased by the sound! Enjoy the teasers yourselves:

Jeremy Olander - Jackie

If "Jackie" was named after an ex-girlfriend of Jeremy Olander's then she must have been pretty crazy! The song starts off with a mellow bass kick fueled by a cheery melody; pretty nice so far, right? Then, the breakdown builds in intensity until the song explodes into an intense and crazy final chapter. This track sort of reminded me of Pryda's track "Mija" in the sense that both hit you out of nowhere after the breakdown.  
Jeremy Olander

Jeremy Olander - Dligty

I am a huge fan of this track. For one, the tech-y electric sound he used sounds a lot like the 8-bit sound sample from Cinnabar Island in the original Pokemon games. Second, in the background the sound of analog synthesizer adds warmth and dimension to this otherwise futuristic sound-scape. Way to bridge the gap between modern and classic, Olander!  

Jeremy Olander - Lauderdale

"Lauderdale" is most certainly the most Pryda-esque song of the EP, from the siren-y sound in the background to that progressive, airy synth that Prydz uses so much across his three alias's. The most curious thing about this track is the name - I wonder if it was named after Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Either way, the intense and interesting vibe of "Lauderdale" makes one think that whatever inspired this track must have been off the hook because this song is marvelous!  
Jeremy Olander
Jeremy Olander