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Nause Gives Fans The Original Version Of "Another You"

Thursday, October 02, 2014
Travis Quick

nause-another-you-art The power duo from Sweden have finally released their long awaited "Another You (Original Version)" track! Nause kicks off Fall in major style showing that they aren't one to mess around. Many fans might be wondering if this is truly a new song by Nause, as they released "Another You" earlier this summer. I am here to tell you, YES, YES IT IS! The track that Nause released earlier this summer was purely acoustic with Julia Karlsson's as their vocalist. Now Julia's voice is incredible, don't get me wrong, but what Nause did to 'pimp' out their song takes it to a whole different ballpark. If you can guess my thoughts, well, I think they hit a home run! nause-home-run

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What a fantastic progressive house track the two created. It makes me sad as it reminds me of all the summer festivals and how I need to wait another year for festival season. But I guess sitting in my room in a blanket listening to "Another You (Original Mix)" will just have to do ;). Nause takes you away to a safe place while giving their fans a bit of summer to hold on to with their latest track. Nause has so much in store in upcoming months for fans; North America tour dates and "Another You" remix packages just to name a few. So make sure you continue to watch out for Jacob and Leonard, because they are back in action after one crazy summer. In the meantime, give "Another You (Original Version)" a listen.

Nause- Another You (Original Version)