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X5IGHT's Remix of an Absolute Classic (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Zack Long

Sometimes all it takes is a fantastic remix of a classic track to draw a person's attention and keep it locked in. That is exactly what one DJ duo did for me in the last few days. Straight out of Chicago, Illinois, Brandon and Jerry, better known as X5IGHT have put their own spin on an absolute classic. Many of us will remember this track from back in the day, before the big "EDM explosion" happened in 2011. It is none other than Tim Berg (Avicii's) very own "Seek Bromance." X5IGHT Say What That's right, Tim's extraordinary track is back, but this time with a harder progressive feel. Many producers have taken on this song for a remix, including Porter Robinson and Cazzette to name a few, but X5IGHT have shed a new light on it three years after its original release. I would say that is pretty impressive. Need anymore credibility? Tiesto dropped this bad boy last weekend during his set at Hakkasan. Oh, by the way, did I mention that X5IGHT is giving this remix away as a free download? That's right! You can get this up-to-date progressively remixed banger (located below) at no cost to you! It is sure to tear up dance floors across the world in the coming months, so make sure you add it to your always expanding music library now, and go crazy! X5IGHT Rock Out Don't forget to wander on over to X5IGHT's Facebook and Soundcloud pages to give them a like and drop them a quick thank you message for such a great remix. Thanks guys! We look forward to hearing your future releases!

Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (X5IGHT Remix)