“Heroes” Proves that Alesso Isn’t Awful

I can frankly say that at this point, I’ve pretty much checked out of following the new releases of today’s stage-headlining acts. I think a large part of that is likely due to the fact that many of the people who I’d anxiously await releases from just aren’t headlining festivals anymore. That said, I think a significant number of the artists whose tracklists I used to fiend upon finding and listening to just aren’t playing enough tracks in which I can find any sort of meaning.

But when Pete Tong (who, despite everything that happens ever in dance music, keeps it real like the veteran top dog that he is) premieres a track, even pessimistic me is obliged to listen. Sure, Alesso’s track isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but the emotions…oh, the emotions. Tove Lo was the perfect vocalist to be paired with this track, because CLEARLY (for true Alesso supporters), the young Swede has been working on this track for a fucking minute.

Yet, just because this one happens to be hitting the top of the charts, as Alesso fans we must ask ourselves and the world: “Is this an Alesso track?” I myself was particularly disappointed with his latest slew of releases, but the production format of this latest release brings me back to some amazing times listening to earlier productions like ‘Titanium‘, ‘Silenced By The Night’, and one of my all-time personal favorites, ‘Good Love’.

In the case of ‘Heroes,’ it seems abundantly clear this was a home run for Alesenadro Lindbalde. The progressing acoustic melody beautifully transitions into an exciting buildup of synths layered on top of each other before his signature cascade of drums collides into the chorus. Tove Lo’s vocals perfectly contribute to Alesso’s instrumental handiwork: Her soothing, eye-closing lyrics put us in a state of mind where we can sit back and embrace a track which in mine and surely others’ opinions, reminds us of what we love about Alesso.

Folks, we’ve been a long time waiting, but shit: ALESSO’S BACK.

P.S. If you’re so inclined, you can hear Alesso dropping ‘Heroes’ live to close out his SiriusXM NYC set at around 44:26.



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