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Nobody To Love - Young Bombs [OTB Premiere]

Tuesday, December 09, 2014
Gabby Espinet

My favorite boys are back, with a new high-energized track that's sure to impress.  

As per usual, Young Bombs tends to their monthly pattern of hits with the release of their "Nobody To Love" remix. I don't know about you guys, but I already have strong predictions of where a track like this might end up.

Vine has been making statements for quite a bit now, especially through their music section.  They've turned tracks like Martin Garrix's "Animals" and The Chainsmokers', "Selfie" into chart hits.  The same source of fame is guaranteed with Young Bomb's take on Sigma's, "Nobody To Love".

Sigma - Nobody To Love (Young Bombs Remix) 

The slow guitar strummed beginnings are complimented with vocals from the original, then quickly sped up with the addition of a bass, a solid clapping beat, 808s, and one of the most underrated instruments, a glockenspiel.

The track's metamorphous from a cooped up highlighted beat-based track turns into a fully-fledged progressive ditty within seconds.  Martin Kottmeier and Tristan Norton have captured the essence of "blasted electronic dance music" for months now and this release marks their peak.  This is the time where they will cross the line from underground to mainstream, much like the evolution of The Chainsmokers.