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Is Borgeous Ready For the Big Time?

Friday, December 19, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

On a recent foggy Saturday evening, The Lizard Lounge celebrated their 23rd anniversary by bringing in LA party monster, Borgeous to set Dallas club on fire. With Electro Tender as the opener along with resident DJs Johnny Funk, Raydar, Shaolin and Yosh, this special night was filled with pounding bass, light sticks and a sound that is usually reserved for the main stage at Ultra or Tomorrowland. Electro Tender Opener Borgeous Electro Tender got the the crowd warmed up with a bouncey house mix with some groovy tracks that got the body moving. The music played in the venue perfectly as the beautiful chandelier seemed to draw the crowd to grow ever larger and fill out the dancefloor. As midnight struck, you could feel the crowd brimming with energy as the hype man pulled out Santa's bag filled with light sticks. As the lights flickered on throughout the crowd Borgeous roared onto the stage bringing with him a set that is fit for the largest of stages. Borgeous pounded ears with bass as festival tunes “Tremor” and “We Are Invincible” were bumped through the speakers. Borgeous lightsticks The last time I heard “Tremor” was at Tomorrowworld. After hearing it on this night, I’m ok with going another few months before hearing it again. Although the song is fun to let loose to and the beat fits perfectly in a huge set, it is overplayed and I admit, I would rather listen to “#SELFIE” for the millionth time. When the crowd waved their hands in sync and held up their light sticks in unison, the peak of the night came as the crowd joined in singing “We Are Invincible.” The Borgeous original is built for the main stage with beautiful lyrics and a and a great progressive house beat.

 Invincible - Borgeous

 Is Borgeous ready for the Big Time?

Borgeous played a heart-pounding set and moved around the stage like he owned it. After jumping up and down behind the decks, he moved to the front of the stage, dripping with passion and enthusiasm, where he hyped up the crowd. It was  at this point when a thought crossed my mind, and I asked myself "Is Borgeous ready for the big time?" My answer to that question is, Yes. The LA native has solidified himself as a powerhouse DJ with massive releases including “We Are Invincible” and his “My Sweet Summer” remix that has been played out in a number of sets across the world. As we wrap up 2014, our eyes fall on 2015 and the artists that will take it by storm. I have no doubt that Borgeous will continue to roll across the U.S. and beyond keeping progressive house top of mind in the EDM community. Borgeous Blue Screen The Lizard Lounge was an excellent venue to host this event. While the stages were a bit small and had a few awkward hallways, the intimate space allowed audience to feel close to the artists. Along with an well designed balcony overlooking the dancefloor, these attributes make this location a fun place to see a show. If anyone is in Dallas and looking for a place to attend an event, make sure The Lizard Lounge is on your list.