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What Is Your Favorite Progressive House Tune? Puppet Provides the ‘Answer.’

Saturday, February 07, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Just look at that hair

You may say progressive house was so 2012. You may think there isn’t anything original about the genre. There are many reasons why people might not like progressive house, and yet it only takes 30 seconds for everyone to forget their thoughts and dance their soul away to what is arguably one of the best genres to groove to. Monstercat seems to have created another jewel of the genre as Puppet releases his second tune, “Answers.”

Puppet – Answers feat. Koo

Koo provides the vocals on this inspirational track as Brendan (Puppet) captures the essence of Progressive House with beautiful chords and a feeling pure bliss. Koo’s wispy voice fit perfectly with the heavy synthesizer sound that Puppet creates, sending it to the next level with a drop that had my foot tapping the entire time. As we all start feeling restless with festival season around the corner, Puppet provides us with an awesome track to get our body and mind ready for the upcoming season. Puppet Answers feat. KooBrendan has been in the music business for a long time beginning his career in a youth rock band and has been able to play at Lollapalooza. After hearing Daft Punk for the first time in a car, he became obsessed with electronic music. After going solo from his original duo Art Thieves, Brendan has found new life with his solo project, Puppet. He joined up with The Eden Project for his first single "Scribble" and seems to be on a roll with the newest track. This Chicago native is a shining light in the Windy City as he makes his mark on the EDM scene with his uplifting sound. Give him a follow on SoundCloud along with liking his page on Facebook and Twitter. Check his sites throughout the year as he is promising even more excellent tracks to widen our library with. Who says you can’t produce good Progressive House?