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Deep Blue Eyes Are Keeping Progressive House Alive

Thursday, February 26, 2015
Daniel Taibleson

This is another one of those chances that I get as a music blogger (and one that I cherish) to try and shake some of you free from the "ignorance is bliss" mindset that you've been living in for sooooo long. I apologize to those who've already had it beaten into their ears by massive walls of speakers at grimy, dirty, slimy, and delicious underground House music parties....but THIS...this folks, is Progressive House:

[DBE088] Geonis - Output EP

geonis-output-ep I just discovered Deep Blue Eyes Records, the label was founded in 2010 by Arthur & Anton Golubev (Magnetic Brothers), and they've pushed out over 15 tracks in the last month. Go check em' out on Soundcloud and give them a follow. The track that I really wanted to highlight in this post is the self-titled track off Geonis' Output EP, Output. Which is also the first track on Steve Anderson's SAME Radio Show 321, an absolutely amazing podcast that I recommend everyone subscribes to on Soundcloud and itunes (podcasts people). In fact, I actually like Steve's version better because it's sped up about 10 bpm and that's just my style. I wouldn't recommend listening to these back to back, but definitely on separate occasions:

SAME Radio Show 321 with Steve Anderson & Artist Showcase Haxxy

1. Geonis – Output (Original Mix) 2. Katrin Souza – Follow Me (Bram Remix) 3. Tears For Fears – Shout (Morttagua & Kyanna Remix) 4. Michael Badal & Ellie Lawson – Closer (Original Mix) 5. Ewan Rill – Fanatic (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix) 6. Eimear – Crossing Stars (Gregory Esayan Remix) 7. Sergey Tkachev – Chloe (Original Mix) 8. Onez!e – Parallels (Original Mix) 9. Solarbeam – Manihi (Original Mix) 10. Not Okay – Not For Long (Original Mix) 11. Meyro – Latch (Original Mix) 12. Suonare – So Far Away (Original Mix) 13. Max Freegrant & Yuji Ono – Above The Sky (Original Mix) *** Artist Showcase : Haxxy *** 14. Haxxy – Sophie (Original Mix) 15. MatricK – Retrieval (Original Mix) 16. Physical Phase – Defragment (Original Mix) 17. FloE – Nightwalker (Original Mix) 18. Mallorca Lee feat. Amanda Pryce – Touch (Original 12” Mix) 19. Aimoon feat. Eva Kade – Another Way (Rene Ablaze & Pluton Remix) 20. Ayden Casey – Morning Sun (Original Mix) 21. Proyal – West Village (Original Mix) 22. Dan Dobson & Hiddenagenda – Bushido (Original Mix) 23. Miroslav Vrlik – All The Way (Original Mix) 24. Derek Palmer – Sands Of Time (Original Mix) 25. Mostfa & Mostfa – Avalanche (Original Mix)