Enjoy some “Tequila Nites” w/ Michael Woods

The legendary British producer Michael Woods is starting this new year off right. Earlier this year, the seasoned EDM-veteran released an amazing progressive track in honor of his new residency at LiFE in the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas. He’s been in the EDM world for about 15 years, has a very strong musical background including classical training, as his father was a music teacher.

The song entitled “Tequila Nites,” (which is spelled incorrectly for the song title, and correctly for his residency) was masterfully crafted for the setting. It has a distinct Vegas-club progressive sound that inspires celebration and all-night dancing.

Michael Woods kicked off his residency on Saturday, February 28. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud page for his hour-long podcast Diffused Music.

Woods was known as Warrior back in 2000, and that awesome throwback music can all be found here.

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