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Scribble These Artists in Your Must See List

Friday, May 15, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

How to describe this song… if anyone has any good ideas, let me know. Everyone has that one song… that simply transcends every sense, every feeling, and any possible explanation. The one that you burst into tears from after hearing the first note; the one that you keep going back to in your time of need. Many people thank Kaskade, Above & Beyond and Armin Van Buuren for these songs. A while back, in a post titled EDM Songs that Changed My Life, we asked what some of these songs were. I saw a comment that stated "Scribble" by Puppet and The Eden Project was their song of choice. While the aforementioned artists  have countless songs that I have attributed to some of my favorite moments, I have to agree that "Scribble" tops them all in my mind. Just press play and see why.

Scribble – Puppet and The Eden Project

I’ll give you 3 guesses on which is my favorite part - but I have a sneaking suspicion you know where it is. The soaring vocals of “I’m no ghost, Let me go” gives me the biggest chills every time I listen to the song. I find myself closing my eyes, imagining being in the crowd on that perfect festival day letting the vocals and beat flow through my body as my arms spread out into the “Armin” pose (wow does that feel awesome, no wonder he does that all the time.) The beat drops as I break out into ecstatic dancing and lose myself to the music. This is probably the quickest 3 minutes in music as the song reduces back into the silence where it came from leaving me frantically pressing the play button over and over again. Before you press play again though, you might want to continue on and listen to the Extended mix, which includes a more developed build up, beautiful piano and more vocals. Geeze, I don’t think it can get better.

Scribble (Extended Mix) – Puppet and The Eden Project

While Puppet and The Eden Project keep the same drop, this extended mix adds more vocals and a beautiful piano build that will grab every fabric of your reality and transport you to the island in the middle of the lake on the cover art. Don’t stop now though, Murtagh loved the song so much that he decided to put his own spin on the original and did a mighty fine job on it also.

Scribble (Murtagh Remix) – Puppet and The Eden Project

A bigger buildup with full orchestral strings behind the vocals makes way for the ever present progressive house build to the drop that in my opinion is stronger than the original. Murtagh keeps the emotions from the original and implants a beautiful bridge that I need to hear live, no question. The Eden Project and Puppet hooked up for this song almost 6 months ago and seemed to have hit it off as they also joined up for “The Fire” that was released a little over a month ago. While The Eden Project is changing his name to EDEN, it is clear the two producers are onto something amazing here and their hard work is paying off big time. Puppet will be performing with Seven Lions this Friday, May 15th at SoundGarden Hall in Philadelphia and The Eden Project (now EDEN) will be joining him on stage to provide some live vocals for Puppet’s set. Oh how I wish I could be in Philly this weekend.
Hey guys i just want to say thanks for all the really nice things youve said and the support youve shown since i... Posted by The Eden Project on Saturday, May 2, 2015
Make sure to check out all the artists here, Puppet, EDEN and Murtagh across all social media platforms along with dropping a like on SoundCloud. You can purchase Scribble now through many online media stores. My only thought is I wish Puppet and EDEN would remix the song and put a Trance spin on it, they proved they could do it in “The Fire” why not “Scribble?” Anyways, enjoy the songs, leave some love in the comments below and wait patiently for new music coming your way.