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Dr. Plasticine ’s New Single “Run” Is The Reason

Thursday, August 13, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

What is your reason? That is Morgan Ganem’s question to you and me. Dr. Plasticine released his latest single, “Run,” out on GX2 Records, and you might want to grab the Kleenex for this one. The progressive house single hits all the feels and causes you to forget about where you are, what you’re doing and drives you only live in the moment. Take a Listen. Dr. Plasticine – Run The Tulsa native sets himself apart from many other producers these days as Dr. Plasticine provides the main vocals for the tune. The soft vocals grip your heart from the opening line and never let you go. Morgan intertwines the beautiful vocals with a progressive house melody that hits every sweet spot possible. While his look may not scream emotional progressive house (dreadlocks bring to mind a slightly different genre - Bob, anyone?) Dr. Plasticine is onto something brilliant and amazing with his music. On top of the beautiful music, Dr. Plasticine also has released a music video for “Run” which you can check out below. He has recently been spotted across the United States on tour with Mt. Eden, Rusko, Candyland, Bro Safari and others. If you want to hear him live, he will be performing next at Backwoods Music Festival in Stroud, Oklahoma over Labor Day weekend alongside The Floozies and others. He will be performing on Saturday in The Meadow at 11:00 pm before Solidisco and Xilent. With Morgan’s style of music and the amazing stage idea for The Meadow (it’s a treehouse stage!) this will definitely be a set you won’t want to miss at Backwoods. You can purchase “Run” now from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or 7Digital and make sure to give Morgan a follow on SoundCloud along with his other socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.) Check out Backwoods Music Festival and purchase your tickets now for only $159 and come support Dr. Plasticine live. I’ll be there… will you?