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Tristam Keeps Us “Craving” for More With New Music Video

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Every once in awhile a track is released that defies description. The Canadian producer Tristam has been creating some amazing tracks lately; now he is back with his newest hit  “Crave” and the accompanying music video. A theatrical opening and an emotional driven drop “Crave” creates chills that run up and down my body throughout the entire track. Listen to the track below and check out the music video.

Tristam – Crave

Pretty emotional right? Now check out the music video.

From the opening note, “Crave” cuts straight through the bullshit and hits the core of what music is meant to do, affect the listener's emotions. The synthesizer chords infect our minds as Tristam’s vocals speak of addiction, wicked thoughts, desires and flaws. The progressive chords of the drop fill the speakers and Tristam’s vocals swell as emotions continue to pour out of every note. I will pause here to let you clear your eyes from the growing tears. tristam Crave Monstercat It’s not every day that tracks like this come out, let alone this style of music video. An athlete, ballet dancer, a guy on a bike, a girl and an old man all are experiencing the same thing, addiction. As each person deteriorates into nothing, the melody and lyrics play out, causing our mind to wander and wonder about how we fit into one of the personas. The track continues and I can feel their struggle, their faces become mine, their emotions… mine. This is what good music does, transports you to somewhere else. “Crave” is a beautiful track, with the music video and without. Tristam’s amazing vocals, the infectious melody and a haunting story makes this a must own and instantly replayable. Check out Tristam on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to purchase the tune from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp. Check out Monstercat for new releases from Tristam and plenty of other artists. Check out the music video and comment below with your thoughts on “Crave.”