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Herbology's "Claire De Tune" Out Now on Manufactured Music

Friday, February 05, 2016
Josh Habursky

In late 2015, Only The Beat showcased Herbology, a young duo from Arizona State University. Malcolm Arthur and Jordan Riordan, went back to the studio and have released "Claire De Tune" on Manufactured Music. The track has already received some big name support. It was featured as the 'Priority Track of the Week' on Michael Woods' Diffused Music 115 and on The Edge Radio Show with Antonio Giacca and Clint Maximus as the 'Must Have Track of the Week.' "Claire De Tune," set at 126 bpm, could be easily mixed into a nightclub set or played at a festival with the aggressive build-up and booming bass drop. Get your copy of 'Claire De Tune' now!

Herbology - Claire De Tune (PREVIEW)

The duo has been producing high-energy, strong-bass tracks and has received support from producers like Michael Woods, which is a sign of their growing success. Expect to see continued support on radio shows and live sets as Herbology churns out new progressive tracks. Herbology plans to release more music later this year including a three-track EP, additional mixtapes as well as increasing their digital presence with a new website. Their Arizona location makes them prime candidates to open for top performers at venues like Maya in Scottsdale.

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In addition to releasing "Claire De Tune," Herbology has been curating monthly hour-long mixtape sessions. Their January mixtape will have you foot-tapping, headbanging  and dancing like crazy because of the diverse sounds and wide variety of music showcased.

January Mix - Free Download

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