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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 1

Psychedelic Saturdays Hello there, lovely readers! In case you haven't noticed yet, I happen to be a hardcore member of the trance family. And what happens to be one of my favorite types of trance? Psy-trance! I already wrote an ode to the genre back a few months ago, but my love is so fierce that I thought I'd write a weekly column to keep you all updated on the genre's most eclectic and trippy hits. Off we go down the rabbit hole for the first edition of "Psychedelic Saturdays!"

Freedom Fighters - MLP 

I loooove me some Freedom Fighters! This new track by the Israeli psychedelic master is so new that it's not even on his Soundcloud yet! Freedom Fighters sets the mood to this song with a slightly slower yet very deep set of the classic psy-trance triplet configuration over the beat. The breakdown has a very creepy vibe to it - perfect for upcoming Halloween playlists! Shout outs to Mr. Psymon Patterson for bringing this to us on Thursday's "Open Up" episode.

 Killerwatts & Waio - Wake Up (Symbolic Remix)

Symbolic has written one of my favorite psy-trance songs of all time, so naturally I have to put this one in the inaugural edition "Psychedelic Saturdays." Although it is a couple months old, this song has been on multiple playlists of mine. Symbolic's remix of "Wake Up" takes a lighter approach to psy-trance, balancing the intensity of the song with Balaeric-esque sounds that we hear often in Infected Mushroom tracks.

Captain Hook - DNA Activation

Welcome back, Captain Hook! "DNA Activation" is a wonderful new track he released that stays true to his usual style but certainly doesn't lack in quality. Hopefully this new track means the beginning of a new album....

Morten Granau & Emok - 3rd Eye

This song recently became number number one on the psy-trance Beatport charts, and its success is well deserved. The song starts off smooth, leads into a breakdown with a haunting melody, then drops into an insanely mind-blowing breakdown. It doesn't skip on the lower frequencies that vibrate through your body either. I hope to be hearing more dope tracks coming in the future from this collaboration!
Psychedelic Saturday

Ergorythmia vs Roger Rabbit - Spiritual Science (Atomizers Remiz)

Atomizers' remix of "Spiritual Science" made it hard for me to decide whether I liked this version or the original more. As I blasted this song in my headphones all the different sound layers blasted my ears at different angles - it was awesome! Oh, the wonders of stalking Soundcloud.

Dead or Alive (Aerospace Remix) - Hi Profile

I gotta say, Yellow Sunshine Explosion is quickly becoming my psy-trance channel of choice. This song was released the same day as the "Spiritual Science" remix by Atomizers. I really enjoyed the high-pitched "X-File"- esque background melody of it, as well as the faster tempo. When I first heard this I immediately got the urge to get up and start dancing; I guarantee if you listen to this song you'll be energized!

Aaaand that's all folks, catch ya next Saturday!

Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays