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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol. 2

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Hello again, fellow lovers of trippy tunes! Here are my picks of psy-trance goodies for round 2 of rabbit hole journeying:

Darwish - Psybrero

Normally I'm not too big on using Beatport to find new music, but for psy-trance, the website is a wonderful source of new tunes! Darwish is one such artist who I have recently discovered through what I like to call "the iTunes of EDM," and I've gotta say I'm a huge fan of this guy. As someone who loves haunting Asian/Middle Eastern vocal melodies, I was pleased to hear the vocal sample used in "Psybrero." Combined with interesting spaceship sounds (forgive me producers - I'm a classical musician, I have no idea what to call electronic sounds!), this song was an overall great time for my ears.  

Darwish & Sub6 & On3 - Sun Stormer

Ok, so maybe when I heard "Psybrero" I became slightly slightly obsessed with Darwish. The man can make a new tune! Here is yet another masterpiece from his upcoming EP to be released on Hommega Productions. While listening to this song out in public, I got several weird looks from people around me due to the massive amount of head-banging that was happening. But hey, when music makes you head-bang uncontrollably that's a good thing, right?  



Static Movement & Helber Gun - Dynamic Velocities

"Ooooooh my gaaahhdd!!!" Those were the first words that came to mind when I gave this track a listen. Such complexity! The sped-up tempo is quite nice too; when using this to run I felt like I could go for miles. The breakdown is insanely intense and leads into something even crazier. You'll have to listen yourselves to see!  

Durs - Origin of Gravity

If there was any one word to describe this song, it's "futuristic." Along with the futuristic sound came a vocal sample that heavily reminded me of the main dude's voice in Bloodhound Gang (and yes, I mean the ones who made "Discovery Channel"). The end result? I was bumping my head like the boys in "Night at the Roxbury."  

Adam K - Point Out of a Curve (Seven Monkeys Remix)

Where to even begin with this track? Wow. It starts off with an airy melody in the classic Adam K progressive style, speeding up into a mellow breakdown. Then out of nowhere - bam! Hello there, psy-trance! The main recurring quote throughout the song is, "It feels like my life is based on loops;" I was certainly thrown for a loop listening to this remix! Corny jokes aside, this was my favorite find of the week and I highly recommend you all give this a listen.  

Hope you enjoyed! See you guys next week!