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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 3

Since we're on the third edition of this lovely series, you all should know the drill by now! Look below for this week's psy-trance picks.  

MFG - Intro + Intelligent Machine

If retail and grocery stores can start celebrating Halloween early, then so can I. To start off this week's list is "Intro + Intelligent Machine," a very dark, kind of creepy, and contemporary psy-trance track that sent chills up my spine. "If they poison us, shall we not die," is a creepy lyric to add to the overall vibe of this song and the fast tempo keeps you fueled throughout it. MFG has discovered quite a formula for psy-trance!  

Mindwave - Aether

If there was one word to say what I was thinking about this song, it would be "sound-scape." This song takes you on a journey throughout several different sound-scapes, leaving you feeling like you went through a satisfying mission to get to the end of the song. But my what a beautiful feeling! I enjoyed being kept on my heels and not knowing what was going to come next.  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Kularis - Fruitopia Rework

"Fruitopia" is certainly one of the most progressive tracks, and maybe the most energetic. Beginning with a sweeping, cinematic melody graced with orchestral elements, the song explodes after a lengthy breakdown into a fractured and intense beat. Listening to this made me have to jump around my apartment and throw a rave for one.  

Neelix - Coloured Light (Simon Patterson Remix)

Wow Psymon, you really went out for this one! As one of the "crazy Irish DJ" family category that I created myself, Patterson's remix of "Coloured Light" is actually even more enjoyable to me than the original! At the end of this sample, around two minutes and 54 seconds in, the song goes silent for about three seconds as a low-fi quality sound sample of an old (and creepy) television show sample before launching back into the rapid beat that dominates most of the song.  
Psychedelic Saturdays

NitroDrop & Roger Rabbit - Extremely Well

Now this track is six months old, but you know what? I don't care. While looking for a newer NitroDrop song on the duo's Soundcloud, I discovered this collaboration with one of my all time favorite psy-trance producers, Roger Rabbit. How I never found out about this when it came out, I'll never know, but wow this track is cool! If any of you readers are familiar with Roger Rabbit, you'll know that he loves to go deep down that rabbit hole. As the track says, "Everything is going extremely well," while listening!

See all you trippy people next week!

Psychedelic Saturdays