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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 4

Saturday, October 04, 2014
Christina Hernandez

Without further ado, here are my picks for the 4th volume of Psychedelic Saturdays!

EPIC & Ranji - Falling To

The first thing about this track that drew me in was the title. The play on words (at least I perceive it to be that way) is brilliant - instead of "coming to," you're "Falling To" into an alternate reality. Me gusta! Linguistics aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the progressive nature of this song and the random electric guitar samples throughout. If I hadn't known who made it, I almost would have pegged this for some sort of an Infected Mushroom collaboration!

Audiomatic - Listen & Repeat

Don't mind if I do listen and repeat! Freshly released today off of his EP with the same name, Audiomatic takes us on a mellow journey down the rabbit hole with this track, using hollow and echoe-y sound samples that make one feel like they're going down a tunnel. The slower tempo was definitely a nice change of pace, almost relaxing to me when I first listened to it. Probably because I'm used to insanely fast BPMs for psy-trance...
Psychedelic Saturdays

Easy Riders - Joyride

In case you all didn't know, Easy Riders co-created my favorite psy-trance track ever, "Flashbacks." So I'm sure you all could imagine the sheer joy that hit me when I saw that these guys made a whole mix to download for free! I know I normally feature individual songs, but I couldn't pass this up for posting; the entire mix is pure gold. Although if you must be picky, I gotta say the second song on the mix is my personal favorite ;).

Flegma - Nimbus

"Nimbus" is another example of a song whose title initially caught my eye. The second I saw the title I immediately thought of Harry Potter! However, the song itself was quite different than the character and the series! Instead, Flegma took down a dark and dizzying path into an amazing trance. One of the coolest aspects about "Nimbus" is the bursts of 90's trance synths that happen during the first third of the song.

Symphonix - Face the Truth

Hooooly smokes this song is intense! That bass reverb is so crazy that I feel my head rattle whenever I listen to this track. Whenever Symphonix releases a new track I expect nothing less than high quality, and "Face the Truth" was no different.
Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays