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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 5

Welcome back, psy-trance heads! Are you ready to have an extra day of leisure for Columbus day? Thought so. Here are some sick new tracks to fuel the festivities!  

Vini Vici - Veni Vidi Vici

Why not start off this week's selection with possibly the most epic track of the bunch? As many of you amazing loyal readers may know already, I love me some orchestral samples! "Veni Vidi Vici" starts off with an incredible combination of orchestral elements and other sounds that form what sounds like a delicious combination of a Muse song and Lord of the Rings. After that kind of buildup, I knew something good was coming next, and it sure did. The breakdown released into a mind-melting, fast-paced fireball of psy-trance. Even cooler was the end of the sample on Soundcloud, which left the listener off with some tribal drum sounds reminiscent of the cave rave scene in Matrix: Reloaded. I can't wait to hear the full version!  

Liquid Soul & DJ Dream - Liquid Dream

Simon Patterson really knows how to find some great tracks! While listening to the latest episode of Open Up I heard what first sounded like it could have been a throwback straight to the 90's. As I was preparing myself for full-on nostalgia, the song turned into an extremely progressive psy-trance tune that I found to be insanely pleasurable. Liquid Soul is certainly moving up on the list of top psy-trance producers for me!  
psychedelic saturdays

Vertical Mode - Alien Rock

Time to come clean with a sin against the Trance Fam - I haven't been listening to ASOT lately! Work happens, then I never have time to listen to the entire mix. However, I learned today that I really need to get back on that train because a track I remember hearing was recently released on Armin's Who's Afraid of 138 label and I could have known to download it a month ago! Currently slapping myself. All of that aside, "Alien Rock" is a great song; it carries one of my favorite components used in psy-trance, which is the use of a monotonous, scientific voice explaining things. The futuristic synth over the classic psy-trance beat definitely sounds futuristic and almost extraterrestrial, just like the title of the song.  

Ace Ventura - Vertical Ace

All I have to say about this track is it's phenomenal. From the smooth bass-line to the tense breakdown and the massive drop, "Vertical Ace" truly has all the fixings of a dope psy-trance track. I really hope I'll be able to see someone performing this track live in the near future, because I would be off the walls in excitement!  

Razors Edge - Tribal Sunrise (Acid Sunset Remix)

Since I''m writing this article on a Thursday, I thought I might as well throw in a little #TBT, even though you guys won't be reading this until Saturday. Deal with it! "Tribal Sunrise" is a perfect encapsulation of how the wonderful psy-trance genre began in the nineties. I loved hearing the retro sounds and being transported back in time! Tracks like this really drive the home of subtle complexity; at first listen, "Tribal Sunrise" sounds extremely simple. However, with some good headphones all the layers show themselves and add to the overall body of the song. That is what I call skill! If only I could travel back to those golden years and rave on the beach with my ancestor psy-trance ravers....   Aaand that's all, folks! To the next time!  
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