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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 6

Not much to say here, except I'm pretty stoked about this week's picks. Hope you lovely readers feel the same! If you went out last night, let's hope that this list can help put a little energy in your struggle day. :)

Critical Choice - Animals

Whenever I see the word "Animals," I get nervous; this of course has been happening since the release of Martin Garrix's big room house banger with the same namesake that has forever made me skeptical of the direction commercial house has been going in. However, when listening to this track, I was quite please with the progressive and psychedelic nature of this song. Having a good song called "Animals" was unheard of at this point! Shoutout to Critical Choice for finally bringing a good reputation to that name again.  

Ritmo - War Against the Machines (Suntree Remix)

"Oooooh Terminator!" At least that was my first impression of the song due to its title. "War Against the Machines' certainly had a very technical, robotic nature to it as well; I loved that this psy-trance tune not only stuck to its genre but also had a techno-y feel to it as well. Ok Suntree, I see you!

Suntree - True Lies

Like Darwish, Suntree is another artist that I clearly need to be stalking. One thing that really stuck out to me in this song is the vocal sample; in it, the man says, "Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts and in our future." I find this to be an incredibly relevant life lesson, and just hearing that line put me in a huge philosophical thought path about my own life. If more songs can prompt such intense thought about life, that would be great!   Psychedelic Saturdays


Astrix - Type 1 (Sideform Remix)

Going back to the purely enjoyable side of psy-trance, I really enjoyed Sideform's remix of "Type 1," almost better than the original in fact! Just like previous tracks in this week's selection. In his remix, Sideform takes the basic melody of 'Type 1" and adds his own unique and out-of-the-box twist on it. The whole time I was listening to the track I had a huge smile on my face - that'e what music is about, am I right?

Aly & Fila ft Sneijder - Full Throttle

One trend I have noticed over the past year is that a lot of euphoric uplifting artists have decided to experiment in psy-trance or even switch their style completely to the genre; one of the most notable artists to exhibit such a change is Simon Patterson, now belovingly nicknamed "Psymon," of course. Sneijder has also made the change himself over the past year, and you can certainly see his influence in his newest track "Full Throttle." It has all the elements of a classic Aly & Fila song but with the psy-trance elements of Sneijder recent track as well. Great combination if I do say so myself!  

Magnus - Velvet (Activa Remix)

Activa, you make some gorgeous tunes! Hisremix of Magnus's "Velvet" doesn't sound like the conventional psy-trance tune, but its trippy elements made it eligible enough to be included on this list. I love it when artists put good quality songs on Soundcloud for free download!  
Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays