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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 7

Meow meow meow meow...psy-trance!  

Ben Nicky & Thomas Mengel - Heart Go ft Sue Mclaren

Ok, so this is more like a hybrid of uplifting and tech trance with some psy elements, but I'm putting in here anyway, just like I did with the Activa remix of "Velvet." I mean, this is a good track! As a British DJ who plays mainly tech trance,  it only makes sense that Ben Nicky would join the ranks of his fellow countrymen and other Irish counterparts in the switch to psy-trance. Am I complaining? Definitely not! Going back to this track, I must say that Sue Mclaren's vocals sound amazing on this. I was never too into her as a vocalist, but her recent collaborations with Aly & Fila, Ben Nicky, and others have really warmed me up to her.

Protonica - Greece (Atmos Remix)

Time to take the tempo down a bit before getting into the nitty-gritty of this week's selections. Atmos did a wonderful job remixing the song; it still contains many of the core elements of the original production, and the smooth groove and melody truly make me feel like I am on vacation in Greece. However, the best part about this remix of course is the psy-trance makeover that Atmos gives it. Way to breath new life into an already lovely track!

Paralogue - Inside My Head

"Oooooh, creepy vocals!" was the first thought that popped into my head when listening to this preview. Seriously, whoever did the vocal sample on this has one heck of an eerie voice! Am I in a horror movie? What's going on? I'll tell you all what's going on - I'm loving this track! The breakdown is brilliant as well; it is extremely mellow and doesn't foreshadow the increase of energy when the song drops. When "Inside My Head" does kick back into action, the intense psy-trance bass line kicks you in the face.  This song is most certainly going on my Halloween list.  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Sub6 - Droid Save The Queen

Recently, a psy-trance DJ friend of mine turned me on to the sounds of Serbian psy-trance. After listening, I felt incredibly naive and shocked that I had never heard anything from this country before! Clearly I still have some noob in me. Moving on, the Serbs really know how to make a good progressive psy-trance track. For one, the vocal samples in this piece are awesome as well - it's a mix of Daft Punk-esque autotuned voice and a corny British man asking questions. That sounds weird in print, but just listen and you guys will understand what I mean! Overall, Zyce's remix of "Droid Save The Queen" is a high-octane, danceable track that gives an instant adrenaline rush to the listener.

Egorythmia vs. Roger Rabbit - Spiritual Science (Atomizers Remix)

One of my favorite aspects of psy-trance is its subtle intensity. Although the tracks of the genre tend to be relatively simple, the powerful bass line combined with a faster tempo and the constant shift of sound-scape make it impossible to sit still during a song. as I write this, I'm bobbing my head to the music as full-on dance party is going on in my head. Atomizers' remix of "Spiritual Science" showcases exactly what I just described. However, the accentuated kick and the way the rhythm is broken up makes this song almost tribal, releasing a raw, primitive urge to keep moving to the beat. Keep doing what you're doing, Atomizers!

James Dymond - Samples of Silk (Activa Remix)

Last week, you guys got to hear, the softer, prettier side of Activa. Now it's time to hear him going hard! His remix of "Samples of Silk" shows that Activa gets down with the get down of psy-trance when he's in the mood. Quite frankly, I find "Samples of Silk" to be a bit ironic as a title; silk to me means soft and light. While some of the airy, progressive synths still find their way into this track, I think the name "Samples of Crazy" better suits it because this song really is crazy!  
Psychedelic Saturdays

See you all next week!