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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 9

Welcome back everyone! Lots of new stuff this week; psy-trance has been popping off lately! View my picks below:

Egorythmia & Static Movement - Other Dimensions of Space

Very nice track! I definitely felt like I was entering different dimensions while listening to it. The breakdown is pretty fantastic as well; the ample use of the fading sound effect make the listener feel like they're moving at a slower speed, giving the song an even more trippy vibe when the beat sped up and re-dropped itself.  

Ago - Ego

First off, I am loving the artwork for this track; it reminds me of ancient Egyptian buildings that have been re-made in a future space society. Other than that, this is a dark piece of music! The bass-line is pretty deep and has a very underground feel to it. "Ego" is definitely something I would like to dance to live!  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Ritmo & Nok - New World Order (Side Effects Remix)

This remix is hands down my favorite psy-trance release of the week. The breakdown!!! Holy mother of god, so pretty. Not to mention, the chord progression of the main synth that's broken into 16th notes over the bass-line is superb. All around a good track that I will probably end up buying in loss-less format since I want to support these guys; that's the mark of true love right there!  

Son Kite - Chihiro 61298

Last week I reviewed Son Kite's new song "Transition," which is on their newest album. I was super excited because the retro samples made me feel like I was in a pokémon game. Well guess what - the boys are at it again! I was delighted to find out that the apparent theme of this album is retro synth samples that sound like my favorite Japanese creation. I'm starting to think they made this album specifically for psy-trance lovers who were born in the late 80s and early 90s....  

Critical Choice & Atmos - Wavetable

The psy-trance gods have really made me feel #blessed recently! Yup, I just used that annoying hashtag for the very first time because quite frankly that is that only thing that can put my joy into verbiage. When I saw that Iboga put out another collaboration by Critical Choice and Atmos, I knew it was gonna be good. Did I guess wrong? Of course not! In fact, this track is even deeper and psychedelic than "Nylon." Whoops, just pressed the repeat button!  
Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays