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Oh hi guys! Long time no see! My bad... Anyway, I thought I'd do it big for my return and go for 10 tracks this week. As always, enjoy!

Alteza - Vini Vici

I am completely in love with the vocals in this track. Hauntingly brilliant! Childrens' choirs certainly never fail in adding depth to a song. The bass-line underneath is catchy as well; the breaks every fourth beat provide the track with some interesting spaces to move in.  

Sesto Sento - Disconnecting (Mystical Complex Remix)

This track is crazy! While listening I felt like I was in the Matrix. This could of course be possibly due to the fact that the beat of the song and a lot of the samples used reminded me of the work fellow psy-trance producer Juno Reactor did on the movie soundtracks. The break down is super energized too. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for this track in festival sets this year.  
Pyschedelic Saturdays

MUte - Samba

When I first saw the title of this track, I wondered if the song would have a Latin flavor. It didn't, but not to my great disappointment. MUte did an amazing job with "Samba;" the smooth progressive edge puts me at ease. The breakdown is pretty fun too; it's loaded with lots of fun sound effects. I'd love to see this type of trippy/chill music at a club one day.  

Suntree - Lolita

Three cheers for free tracks! But seriously, though this track is gold. At the beginning, it sounds like it was taken right out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Then comes the creepy old guy vocals reading quotes from the actual book Lolita. I have to say, Suntree did a fantastic job with this track; I can feel the inspiration and energy of the book while listening. Whoever thought you could make classic literature from the 1950s into something super danceable?  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Vini Vici - Namaste

Moar Vini Vici because why the heck not? This man is bringing it this year with his new album. In fact, I don't even know where to start with how good this track is. The sitar samples, the extreme progressive nature of the track, and the switch is bass-line after the breakdown are all small factors that contribute to an overall monster of a song. Whoops - pressed the repeat button....

Phony Orphants - Surfrider 15

The melody of this track is reminiscent of something I've heard before...but I can't put my finger on it. Either way, I love it's simplistic beauty and how the melody hits off-beat on the time signature. The smooth nature of "Surfrider 15" makes sense of its title as well.  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Zyce & Aquafeel - Dark Side

"Dark Side" is some ssssssssssserious progressive psy-trance! My favorite Serbian producer pairs with Aquafeel on their newest creation, which carries a dark nature like it's namesake. A good friend and fellow psy fan of mine once said, "Can you ever go wrong with Zyce?" My answer to that is no, most definitely not.  

Robert Miles - Children (Jacob Bootleg)

When I saw the words "Robert Miles - Children," my inner child screamed with joy. I mean, the original version was one of the most defining songs of my entire childhood and one of the main reasons behind my love for trance. But then I saw "Jacob Bootleg" and the modern psy-trance lover in me also grinned ear-to-ear. Jacob did an incredible job remixing the track, bathing the classic melody in his slow, progressive-psy style and using the guitar as his instrument of choice rather than a piano. The end result is something I like to call "balaeric psy-trance."  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Lish & Mr.What? - Experimental Movement

First off, I've never heard of these producers before (I feel like a major noob), but there's one thing for certain: "Mr.What?" might just be the best DJ alias of all time. Aside from that, "Experimental Movement" is one of those creepy/awesome psy tracks that raises the hair on the back of your neck while listening to it. I can groove!  

Morten Granau & Captain Hook - Lava

Morten Granau and Captain Hook - some of my all-time favorite psy-trance people. I knew that a collaboration between them would be fantastic, and indeed it was. "Lava" takes a bit more of a progressive air than most of the tracks by these guys, yet I hear both artists loud and clear throughout. The bass-line is absolutely perfect for booty-shaking and tribal dance moves.  
Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays