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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 13

Welcome back! Last week was a bit calm in the psy world, but this week brought us some serious goodies! Enjoy, fellow trippy-lovers.

Bom Bim Bam - Talpa

You know a song is gonna be good when Vini Vici says it's a good one. Indeed this track is pretty awesome. Although it's a little bit more progressive than what I normally prefer in psy-trance, the silly title, catchy rhythm, and the hilarious vocal samples make "Bom Bim Bam" a winner. I could see a lot of bouncing around to this track in the future! Perhaps the coolest part in my opinion is the way Talpa puts it together - in my headphones, the sound was bouncing from ear-to-ear just like the energy of the song.

Liquid Soul vs Zyce ft Solar Kid - We Come in Peace (Vini Vici Remix)

Speaking of Vini Vici, yet again these guys are back with another remix. Seriously they are just churning out the tunes! Must be something in the water. Anyway, this track is dark, pure psychedelic magnificence. I really like the epic breakdown and the alien/outer space theme of it, and I wanted to just get down and dirty right when the drop happened. What can I say? Well done, boys.  
psychedelic saturdays

Ace Ventura & Liquid Soul - Neurochemistry

Ace Ventura is another artist who's been taking over the psy-trance scene lately with his massive track productions and remixes. His collaboration with Liquid Soul for "Neurochemistry" turned out quite successfully. I could definitely picture circuitry in my brain while listening to the track, and once again was happy to hear some more of the faster, traditional psy-trance bass line in there. Ace Ventura continues to justify his spot on my watch list, that's for sure!

Captain Hook - Power of Now (Zyce & Talpa Remix)

Then again, I am definitely not opposed to some good progressive psy-trance! Zyce & Talpa's remix of "Power of Now" is absolutely bonkers. It retains the same well-crafted hook as before while adding a bit more edginess into the mix. The remix is a close contender with the original! More please.

Ticon - Back to Basic

What draws me to "Back to Basic" is the basic nature of the track; it does embody the standard and simplistic psy-trance sound. However, what draws me to this track is that the synths used in the melody are really reminiscent of Eric Prydz in my opinion. The unique combination of sounds really does it for me. Additionally, I really like the subtle change of sound-scape and bass line throughout the course of the song. It's barely discernible but once you finish the song you feel like you listened to three. As always, see you next week!  
Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays