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Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 14

Welcome back! Lots of cool tunes out this week. Hope you like!

Suntree - 528hz

Being the curious person I am, I wanted to know what the significance was behind the title "528hz." Apparently it's considered a "healing tone" to humans because of the positive feelings it promotes in our subconscious and also has been credited as "central to the musical mathematical matrix of creation." You learn something new everyday! I appreciate Suntree's tribute to this frequency in his newest psy-trance tune, because this music definitely hits a certain spot in my brain when I listen to it.

Egorythmia - The Haunter Of The Dark

Wow - Egorythmia is back with a vengeance! Not even 20 seconds into the sample, I had already fallen head-over-heels for this track. In fact, this might be my favorite Egorythmia track as of late. The dark energy raises the hair on my body, yet the track overall is very melodic and darkly beautiful. Paired with a more traditional running bass-line, "The Haunter Of The Dark" is psy-trance perfection. Don't believe me? Listen for yourself!  
Psychedelic Saturdays

Ace Venura & Lish - The Light (Astrix Remix)

I've said it before, and I'll say is again. Astrix is an absolute legend! I don't think it's possible for this Israeli genius to make a bad track. It's an even bigger blessing that he gave away his remix to "The Light" for free because this track is incredibly beautiful and well-mastered. As always, Astrix takes us on a wild ride throughout this song, starting off with a euphoric and melodic introduction, transitioning later into full on psy, then into the realm of progressive psy before returning back to the original body of the track. Magnifique.

Ticon - Ether

Ticon's been coming out with some heavy-hitters lately, and "Ether" is most certainly one of those said hits. The simple melody over the top may be distracting, but if you listen closely this track is made of many intricate layers that make it three-dimensional. I personally think that being able to make a track that is so simple, yet so complex is a serious gift and an attestation to a producer's ability to make quality music. Keep it coming, Ticon!

Sun Control Species - Serenaii (Martin Vice & Michael Banel Remix)

Don't worry, progressive psy-lovers; I've got you covered too! This track had me breaking it down like a crazy person; it really hits you out of nowhere. Martin Vice & Michael Banel sure know how to breathe new life into a track!  
Psychedelic Saturdays
Psychedelic Saturdays