Minimal Effort Releases NYE 2017 Lineup

Photographer Credit: Ram Twail This past weekend, we sent the entire Los Angeles team to Minimal Effort Halloween. We’ll have more on that later this week, but for now I’ll just […]

Feeling The Music With Ashley & Kate

So, a few months back you might have seen a post going around on social media with a video of two girls “feeling the music” and communicating in sign language […]

When a song gets stuck on repeat

I don’t care if this song already has 1 million + plays. I don’t care if it was posted on Soundcloud “1 Month” ago. AMTRAC’s remix of Alesso’s “Heroes” isn’t […]

AMTRAC’s latest Remix is a Deep, Sultry Burner

AMTRAC has seen his star power rise over the past couple years. Having freshly debuted with a smoking Guest Mix on BBC1 XTRA’s Diplo & Friends, and with notable remixes and […]

Free Download: Amtrac – Don’t Know feat. Posso

Groovy upbeat house sounds by Amtrac for free? I’ll take it! Get funky with this Kentucky born producer in his new bouncy house track that’ll have you dancing in your chair, and/or […]

Gotta Get That Bassline! New Music From Amtrac

If you didn’t get to catch one of Amtrac’s sets at one of his shows this past year, don’t worry, Louisville Kentucky’s Caleb Cornett is writing and mixing plenty of new […]

Why Deep House is Here to Stay

BIG ROOM “BANGERS” When we head off to shows and festivals, the majority of the crowd is looking forward to the big guys: Avicii, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Benny Benassi, etc. […]