Find Your Flow Friday: Episode 1

1flow verb \ˈflō\ of liquid, gas, or electricity : to move in a steady and continuous way: to move in a continuous and smooth way: to move, come, or go continuously in […]

Shambhala Music Festival’s Hidden Gems

Deep in the British Columbia wilderness lies Shambhala Music Festival, one of the world’s premier bass-centric music festivals. Spurred from a truly grassroots effort, Shambhala was first put on in 1998 […]

Getting groovy with Beats Antique at the Showbox Sodo

Huge inflatable monsters, strange and wonderful projected visuals, beautiful belly dancing, and groovy “eastern fusion funky bass” music are not things you would normally expect to find when you go […]

Global Dance Festival 2013

Natural beauty finds itself a step above the rest in Colorado particularly within the picturesque rocks of Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.  In this open air theatre, rock formations provide […]