Disclosure gets weird on new banger

For those who have seen a Disclosure performance in the last few months, this one may sound familiar. The Aussie duo are finally back with an original track, “Bang That,” although […]

You Will Love these D.V.S* Remixes

D.V.S* (yep, that’s really his name, asterisk and all) broke into the mainstream last week with the release of his So Butterfly remix for Bassnectar’s Noise Vs. Beauty remix album. […]

OTB’s Best of the Boiler Room

Just this past week I sparked up a conversation with a friend that inevitably turned to music, particularly to a place where we both began to share some of our […]

Lazy Fall Beginnings 2014 Playlist

Happy Fall! The Lazy Fall Beginnings 2014 Playlist showcases 14 tracks that will set the tone for the return of fall! Enjoy your Sunday!

Kaytranada Brings Down the EMP at Decibel Festival

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of seeing Canadian electronic music producer Kaytranada at the EMP’s level 3 with a group of fellow feel-good,-music-loving friends. In the days leading up to the […]

Mazde’s Successful SOHN Rework

The sad-wave warrior, SOHN, is the ideal minimalistic artist who never ceases to cast those meticulous electronic sounds and ambient iterated rhythms we all know and love. It’s that crucial […]