Festicrates “Big Box” Giveaway

Ever struggled to find something to wear to a festival? Are you not great at making kandi? Or is your wardrobe lacking in the PLUR department? These issues have been […]

A Newcomers Guide To Non-Mainstream EDM

Hello and welcome! If you are reading this, than there is a good chance that you have made it through big drops, overplayed vocal samples, and flying cakes and are […]

WMC Club Party Guide

We gave you a round-up of our favorite pool-party picks, and now we’re back with our top choices for club parties during WMC. We’ve kept it varied in regards to […]

The Beliebers are the Future of EDM

It is with a heavy heart that I must face the reality that one of my musical heroes has “collaborated” with Justin Bieber. There. I said it. It’s out there […]

12 Days of EDM Festivals

Whether you’re in a  German biergarten or attending a South American soccer game, singing is an integral part of community celebration. It brings people together in a way that only music […]

Don’t Become Too Meta About EDM

We love electronic music. If you don’t love electronic music, then what are you doing here? Research? If so, go find a different article. You won’t find anything even slightly […]

Behind the Beat | Interview with Tasadi

Tasadi’s new album ‘The Ancient Realm’ is a unique themed album in which each track that was produced corresponds to a wonder of the world or a major landmark. Tasadi […]

EDM: Redefining Street Warfare with Araab Muzik

Art is mimicked, parodied, and reformed every time someone attempts to recreate anything. The accomplishments of one person are picked up by someone else who looks at those accomplishments and […]

EDM: Expensive Dance Music pt. 1

What’s your favorite sport? Chances are, if you live outside the U.S., it’s soccer (excuse me, football). A single sport so vast in its following and participation that countries don’t want […]