5 Chicago DJ’s to look out for in 2017

Last year I, along with some of our other writers made some predictions for 2016. Being relatively new to the music scene, I decided that I’d stay local and write […]

Face The Darkest Hours With Spor and Memetrix

Whether producing under the moniker Feed Me, or his slightly lesser known (but nonetheless epic) project, Spor; John Gooch knows how to decimate minds with sheer sonic prowess. For his […]

Feed Me & Teeth Get Trippy at the Paramount

Even though I have ample opportunity to see almost any electronic music concert that comes my way, I have a personal rule that I won’t go out of my way […]

Feed Me Announces North America Bus Tour

Just as you thought this festival season couldn’t get any better, Feed Me‘s Jon Gooch announces he’s back for a North American tour. Many of his fans thought they would never […]