My Transformation at Lightning In A Bottle

*****DISCLAIMER: I know this is long, so for those who don’t want to read the saga, there’s a tl;dr segment in the last paragraph*****   Lightning in a Bottle (LiB) […]

Flume salutes Sydney in newest music video

Flume is globally renowned, incredibly accomplished, and shows no signs of slowing down. Still, the super producer took a turn back to his Australian roots in the music video to his new song, “Some […]

Gravez and Ta-ku team up on Flume remix

It’s hard to make “Left Alone,” the popular Flume song that features Chet Faker, sound much better than it already does. Although the new Gravez and Ta-ku remix might not necessarily be better […]

Flume returns with Sam Smith remix

23-year-old Australian producer Flume returns to SoundCloud with a remix of singer Sam Smith’s hit “Lay Me Down.” The new song is the first Flume release in several months; the increasingly […]

What So Not drops first song off awaited EP

The first of the last is here. What So Not, the Australian production duo that formerly consisted of Flume and Emoh Instead, released the first song off of their upcoming Gemini EP, […]

New Flume track leaked, Listen while you can!

Like Wildfire Once something is on the internet, there’s no telling how quickly it will spread; and if that ‘something’ is ‘amazing music,’ chances are it will have been ripped, […]