Vertex Festival Debuts in Colorado This Weekend

Vertex Festival 2016 has certainly managed to set itself apart, far apart from your basic everyday music festival. It’s inaugural debut will take place in the beautiful town of Buena […]

A Newcomers Guide To Non-Mainstream EDM

Hello and welcome! If you are reading this, than there is a good chance that you have made it through big drops, overplayed vocal samples, and flying cakes and are […]

#TBT: Digital Freedom – Gramatik

As I was perusing through my old sound cloud likes, searching for the perfect throw back to compliment your week, I found one of my favorite albums of all time, #TBT: Digital […]

Love Pretty Lights? Listen to Marvel Years!

Cory Wythe, better known to fans as electro soul producer Marvel Years, is proving to be quite the musical force as he embarks on a East Coast tour with Gramatik‘s live […]

Freaknight Artist Spotlight: Grizmatik

Listen To This While Reading Through The Rest Of The Article Funk loving bass heads rejoice! Griz and Gramatik are coming to Freaknight 2014 as GRIZMATIK! If you are not […]

Find Your Flow Friday: Episode 1

1flow verb \ˈflō\ of liquid, gas, or electricity : to move in a steady and continuous way: to move in a continuous and smooth way: to move, come, or go continuously in […]

These Muse Remixes Electrify My Life

Three weeks after returning to reality after an unforgettable weekend at Coachella, I still find myself heavily in festival mode. This of course means that I can’t stop listening to […]

Lazy Sundays 35 (Super Bowl XLVIII)

Super Bowl XLVIII is here! What better way to spend the big game than with an appetizer and dessert of Lazy Sundays!? Pretty Lights – Still Night (Gramatik Remix) Gramatik’s […]

Weekly Wrap Up 1/26/14 – 1/31/14

This was an especially exciting week for us here at OTB as we finally launched something that we’ve had in the works for well over a year