Lineup Announcement: The Blu Party Detroit

From a musical perspective, Memorial day weekend in Detroit is something special. Every year, tastemakers and dance music enthusiasts from around the world descend upon the Motor City to party, […]

I’m on a Boat [OTB’s Detroit Boat Party]

A wise person once told me that if you can’t explain something in one sentence, you don’t understand it. It’s counter-intuitive, but real genius is the ability to make complicated […]

This Weekend in SF 2.26.2016

As a Chicago native, I’ve often complained that we suffer from the high class problem of having too much to do on any given weekend. Then I came back to […]

Mioli at Monarch SF

Did you ever get that ‘Truman Show’ feeling that you were the butt of some sick joke on a massive scale that you’re not privy to? I am starting to […]

DOGMA to host OTB Radio Show: Diversify

Wednesday night, as I was prepping to go play at LOKal for Consumed; I put a call out to all producers asking for promos for me to play in future […]

Calling all Producers!

I’ve been playing out a lot lately. Last week, I played two events in Mexico at the Coco Maya Beach Club for Unlisted Presents: Coven. Yesterday I headlined Graffiti Chicago […]

IMJUSTINBRAUN: High-Fiveing Himself… Again

When it comes to interviewing opportunities, OTB does its best to create an environment where musicans are comfortable opening up to us and get facts that might not be disclosed […]