Rediscovering Maor Levi & Kevin Wild

As I was listening to a recent episode of International Departures, I came across a track that caught my ear (not something that’s out of the ordinary as pretty much […]

Falling in Love with Gravity

Have you ever listened to a track and immediately gotten a wave of goosebumps, happiness, and love that overcomes your entire body?

Stay Calm and Follow These Rave Instructions

“Rave Instructions” has been stuck in my head for a hot minute! Heavily influenced by Daft Punk with a big whiff of “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” so if you like […]

Kevin Wild – Polly (Original Mix)

Introducing a fresh talent to Enhanced Music, progressive house and trance producer Kevin Wild has released his brand new track ‘Polly’ on Air Up There Recordings. As you would expect […]