Coldharbour Day 2014 | Markus Schulz 5 Hour Set

36 hours of Trance. From 30 members of the Coldharbour Family. And an exclusive new 5 hour set from Markus Schulz. Welcome, to Coldharbour Day 2014. Enjoy mixes from artists […]

Markus Schulz Nashville – Scream Bus Tour

Markus Schulz graced Nashville with his presence on the Scream Bus tour featuring The M Machine and KhoMha, and it was amazing. Those of us who reside in Nashville know […]

Behind The Beat | KhoMha Interview

Personally, I am experiencing a lull in my EDM love life as the spring festivals are underway seemingly everywhere except NYC, and summer festivals are right around the corner. What […]

Coldharbour Night NYC Review

Coldharbour Night NYC: 03 August 2012 District 36 NYC We all knew it was coming sooner or later, but for some of us, the wait was excruciating. So when the […]