Croatia Squad is Waking Up The Neighbors!

Swiss sweetheart Croatia Squad has come out with his new EP – “Waking The Neighbors” and it comes with mixed feelings. Alejandro Torres’s sound has become iconic over the years, but this […]

Enjoy Jerry Folk’s Newest Single “Futura”

Perhaps no emerging artist has had a bigger year in 2015 than Norway’s newest export, Jerry Folk. After releasing a darker remix of Atlas Bound’s “Talk,” Folk disappeared into the […]

“Lose It” to Jerry Folk’s Newest Remix

There’s no denying that remixing indie dance seems to be a popular route for producers nowadays, ever since Daft Punk championed the resurging genre with their single, “Get Lucky.” The […]

Fear & Loathing Hits Us With That Big, Bad Bass

If you’ve ever been to an electronic music show in Bellingham, Wash., there’s a good chance you’ve seen Fear & Loathing perform. The 23-year-old DJ/producer Trevor Weidenbacher (known to fans […]

Who is Lifelike?

You may have seen this artist’s name before, hiding cleverly somewhere on the interwebz inside the title of some beastly track….wait, that’s the one—-Discopolis!