America Needs To Embrace PLUR

For those of you that are living under a rock, the recent events that have taken place in Orlando, Dallas, in addition to the divide between #BlacklivesMatter and the police, […]

Your Story: From Pregames To Pretty Lights

‘EDM’ is defined as ‘Electronic Dance Music,’ but those three words do not do this lifestyle justice and never will. Dance music has transcended into a world wide stage the past […]

OnlyTheBeat’s Favorite Blogs on Tumblr

OnlyTheBeat’s Favorite Blogs on Tumblr With over 192.9 million blogs there’s a HUGE community of ravers on Tumblr. OnlyTheBeatEDM has begun its own journey of through the Tumblr community. Whether […]

First-Timers Are Great for Dance Music

Fresh off a 10-day binge of summer nights spent under festival skies, I’ve been doing some thinking about “the scene” in general as we like to refer to it and […]