Sharps & SCRVP Take On ‘SIGIL’

As previously mentioned on the site, Sharps is one of the quickest rising trap producers coming out of Seattle at the moment and has some serious momentum after big releases […]

Sharps and Hartinger Show Their “Religion”

For a while now you have heard us here at Only The Beat talk about the up-and-coming trap artist from Seattle, Sharps. We’ve covered everything from his remixes, to an […]

Happy Trappy New Year 2015 Playlist

Welcome to 2015! Alex and I are welcoming 2015 in with loud bass and trust us, we aren’t the only ones. I don’t know what was in everyone’s champagne this […]

Sharps’ First Release & Shows As Solo Project

Winson Sharps, better known by his artist name¬†Sharps, has proved to everyone who’s been following him that he is not going to let anything stop him from reaching the top; […]

Sharps is Rolling Solo in 2015 (Interview)

Winson Sharps, aka Sharps, is a normal 23-year-old dude… who has an abnormal love for music. Sharps has been living in Seattle for the greater part of his life, and […]