Get Lucky With The Future Sound of Egypt

Trance family, assemble! The Future Sound of Egypt is calling you to Lucky 2017. Between the newly established Bliss (returning to the WaMu Theater on May 6th), regular phenomenal talent […]

Psychedelic Saturdays Vol 3

Since we’re on the third edition of this lovely series, you all should know the drill by now! Look below for this week’s psy-trance picks.   MFG – Intro + […]

What Are Your Top Ten Classic Trance Tracks?

If you were asked to list your top ten favorite classic trance tracks, could you? This week the global trance family painstakingly put together lists of their top ten classic […]

The 10 Best Sprinting Songs

Tis the season of outdoor workouts. Need motivation to get outside and do sprints? I’ve got ten songs that will make your legs fly. Next stop: EUPHORIA. 1. Ben Nicky […]

Psy-Trance: Taking a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

Trance is a huge genre of electronic music. Constantly evolving, several sub-genres have emerged since its beginnings in the 1990s. Psychedelic trance (“psy-trance” or “Goa” for short) is one such […]

The Top 15 Hottest DJs of 2013

Forget the nonsense of DJ Mag’s Top 100, this is the real list right here. We all get a little boy crazy and this year we’ve been lucky enough to […]

Coldplay – See You Soon (Simon Patterson Remix)

“See You Soon” is a classic Coldplay song and one of my favorites. The song itself is very tranquil and acoustic, with Chris Martin’s golden voice singing a melancholy yet […]

Simon Patterson – Brush Strokes

Simon Patterson has had one hell of a year so far.  His dance floor anthem “The One” featuring Lucy Pullin was wildly successful and has been played in a huge […]

Simon Patterson and Blazer – Contraband

Get ready for a track of epic proportions!  With a name like Contraband would you expect anything less?  Simon Patterson and Blazer put their genius heads together to create an […]

Simon Patterson ft. Lucy Pullin – The One

  Simon Patterson debuted The One featuring Lucy Pullin in his A State of Trance 600 Den Bosch set and it left me absolutely speechless.  This song will springboard you […]