Behind the Beat: Kicks N Licks

In early 2012, Andy Joplin and Jerrod Jordan formed the duo Kicks N Licks. Both Andy and Jerrod are from San Diego, California and have developed a reputation as hard […]

OTB’s Best of the Boiler Room

Just this past week I sparked up a conversation with a friend that inevitably turned to music, particularly to a place where we both began to share some of our […]

Shambhala 2014: The Biggest and Best Year Yet

Hannah and Maddy take Shambhala 2014 This is an account of Shambhala Music Festival 2014 by two die-hard Shambhalovers. This was our second year spent at the farm, and although […]

Lazy Sundays 39

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week. Clear away the rust in your life with this week’s edition of Lazy Sundays!

From Dubstep to Disco: Skream

As a preface to my post, I will start with this: the human race will complain.  They will complain until there are in their graves and it’s likely that they […]

Skream – Kreepin’ (Free Download)

  Skream shows his musical prowess by releasing his take on Aaliyah’s hit “If Your Girl Only Knew”.  As one of the pioneer’s of dubstep, it’s quite evident that his […]