Thero’s Tropical Snowstorm?

It’s not summer anymore people, but this track comes pretty damn close. We’ve shown nothing but support on OTB for this artist, and trust us when we say this, Thero never […]

We’re In Heaven with The New Thero

Okay guys, I know I am not the only one who enjoys chilling to a nice laid-back track, so I’m here to provide you with the goods. I’ve always been […]

Thero Has An Important Question For Mim Nervo

As previously mentioned on this site, Thero has been making some serious noise in the tropical house scene. He’s managed to put out massive remixes giving off great tropical house […]

I Feel It Too Thero

It seems as though Thero is constantly dosing us with beach-y vibes; this time with his latest release, “Feel It”. It’s some sort of tropical jam fully fused with the […]