Beat the Sunrise with SNBRN and Andrew Wyatt

Summer might have ended as a season, but thanks to the glory of music, the vibes live on in music. Particularly in LA-based SNBRN‘s latest track, “Beat the Sunrise”, a […]

Kygo, The Piano Man with “Piano Jam”

Beautifully-crafted, sensationally classical and yet deeply emotional, the rising tropical-house producer Kygo has given us a new track that lets us know we can expect big things in the near future from […]

Don’t You Worry Child Levi Has A Remix For You

Late in the summer of 2012, Swedish House Mafia released one of the most uplifting and universally meaningful tracks, “Don’t You Worry Child”. It was their final track before they […]

Bearson wants you to dance on the beach

For those of you not familiar with Bearson, this is what tropical house is supposed to sound like. I can’t think of a track that defines “dancing-on-the-beach-music” better than this. […]