Explore the “Labyrinth” with Trivecta

There are a couple artists out there that seem to get everything right with each track. For me, one of those artists is Trivecta. From his tracks such as “Surface,” […]

Monstercat Releases New Album, 024 – Vanguard

Monstercat is back again with its 24th edition of their compilation album, Vanguard. Featuring tracks from Au5, Fractal, Nigel Good, Varien, Pylot, Pegboard Nerds, Mr. FijiWiji and others, if you’ve […]

Varien is not Ancient, but he is Arcane

Albums are rare these days, rarer are albums that aren’t only the latest tunes spinning at clubs. Varien’s debut album The Ancient & Arcane takes it back to the days […]

Moonlight is Enough For Varien & SirensCeol to Shine

Is it just me or are genres on SoundCloud getting out of control? Artists’ names, record company names and standard genres (trap, house, progressive house, etc.) are becoming nonexistent as […]