Wolfgang Lohr: From Ska to Tech House

Formerly the trumpeter, singer and songwriter of German ska band DaSKArtell for 15 years, self-proclaimed Berliner Wolfgang Lohr is busting into the tech house and electro swing scene. His out-of-this-world original tracks are all produced, arranged, mixed and composed by himself. Accoring to his Beatport bio, he never uses existing loops, and rather draws from his own musical background to create each sound. This refreshing approach to producing definitely sets him apart.

The bouncy tech house sound combined with horns, electric piano and deep baselines on his new EP, Free as a Bird (out on Ostfunk Records) will seriously make you want to dance. Wolfgang Lohr refers to his personal style as “Lohr worms” and says, “My music should bring euphoria to the dance floor, pump the club, at home stimulate appetite and above all be fun.”

Stream it for free on Soundcloud and thank me later.



I dig music.I also enjoy the finer things in life - long walks on the playa (Black Rock City, obvi), top hats, face paint and Bud Light. I've been listening to ze techno musics since... Well, since a time long ago, before there were 1000 ways to classify a song. I'm a big fan of the English language/proper grammar and am fluent in sarcasm.
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