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Who Needs Another Remix of Odesza’s ‘All We Need?’ I Do!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

Haywyre jumps on the Odesza remix train as he becomes the latest artist to make his own version of “All We Need.” Swapping the smooth, chilled out vibe with a funky, groovy style, Haywyre adds a stellar feel to the original that’ll leave you grooving across the dancefloor. You might want to add this to your next playlist. After Odesza released the remix album of “All We Need” filled with amazing remixes (read our interview with Autograf who provided one of my favorite remixes of the tune,) it didn’t take long for Martin Vogt to put his own spin on the song. After scoring national attention joining Mat Zo this winter on his tour, he jumped up a notch with his live performance video of “Insight.” Adding this new remix to his discography, Haywyre is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. Don’t forget that he’s working on a new EP and 2015 is shaping up to be quite a haywire year for the Minnesota native.

Odesza – All We Need (Haywyre Remix) 

Stepping back into the tune, Haywyre adds in some funky chord progressions that were no doubt inspired by his jazzy roots. Martin shatters our ears with a magnificent keyboard solo in the middle of the tune that will either make you shake your bum or stand still in utter shock of the brilliance of the piece. The second drop is a tad heavier than the first but it carries signature Haywyre within it which fits perfectly with the piece. Haywyre All We Need Remix The songs ends too soon as it left me wanting another 3 minutes of the beat. This song is perfect when you’re in need of something groovy to get down to or if you’re needing something bouncy to drive to. Haywyre is quickly making one hell of a name for himself with quality production and his brilliant keyboarding. Keep an eye out for his releases, you don’t want to miss them. Check out Haywyre’s SoundCloud for all his latest releases, along with his social media pages for a look inside his mind. Enjoy the free download too.