Newcomer PAWSA Kills It with ‘Phaneron’

UK talent PAWSA is next up on the Lost Records label and here he gets remixed by French talent Okain. PAWSA has made a big impact with his fulsome house sounds on labels like this one, but also Relief and Deep Tech before now, and is also a DJ of some repute.

First cut ‘The Ride’ is a bulky, skipping house cut with tough drums, cute stabs and infectious percussion. It rolls and rolls and features some emotive, tinkling keys that really set it apart. The remix comes from Tsuba and Cadenza associate Okain, who opts for a loopy, metallic and amped up tech house cut that delivers also. ‘Prescence’ is a more high tempo and immediate track with airy hi hats and diva vocals that really set it off. This one is barrelling and full fat, vibe fuelled and groovy, and is another fine weapon for DJs and dancers everywhere. Finally, ‘Anxious’ is a more subtle, stripped back deep house cut with lo fi hits, scurrying little synth sounds and a slithering groove that really gets under your skin. Another notable release from the talented PAWSA.

PAWSA’s Phaneron is out now on Lost Records



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- 12 hours ago
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