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Georgeous & Souldate - Surfin' The Wave EP

Monday, April 27, 2015

Well this is a pretty special offering. It arrives at our doorstep from the Depaart label, a Berlin-based imprint with an agenda that seems very much their own. In that essence, they tend to promote the work of producers who are up-and-coming rather than leach onto other’s ideas, and you’d have to say that thus far, it seems like a solid approach to their craft. Anyway, this release sees label stalwart Georgeous team up with Souldate for an EP that - suitably enough - is both gorgeous and soulful. While there are three tracks served up here, it’s still hard to look past the merits of the original. A spine-tingling piano anthem with shimmers of snares and a baseline so big it’ll most definitely have you cutting shapes on the floor, it’s a really excellent offering. Victor Santana’s remix is nothing if not carefully primed too. On his interpretation, he maintains the gist of the original, but instead keep his own focus thanks to an old-school melding of ravey stabs and banging beats. Lastly, we have ‘Twist of Lemon’, which again sees the boys go out together with some esteem. Once again, it doesn’t take prisoners, and the vibes here are very much crafted on a thoroughbred level. A brilliant concoction of blissful dancefloor hues, it’s sure to put a smile on your face if nothing else. This is really considered stuff from a label that continues to shine.