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Wanklemut & Schlepp Geist - Banana Split EP

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

For the latest release in the Hive story, the Swiss label comes correct with another stunning release that’s indicative of their cultured, textured but still accessible sound. It arrives from the dab hands that are Wankelmut & Shlepp Geist, two producers who - while brilliant on their own accord - really take things to another level here. Anyhow, it features 2 tracks of dizzying effectiveness, each of which speaks to the mind but will still slay any dancefloor it’s allowed to fully flex its muscle on. It’s ‘’Jowi’’ that gets the Banana Split EP underway. A spirited and beguiling sojourn to the depths of contemporary sounds, it fuses a modern house aesthetic with a vaguely progressive beat that helps lend it an extra dose of flair. Elsewhere, ‘’Tesla’’ is an infectious banger that is made for big room floors thanks to its buoyant and unrelenting energy and a powerful approach that’s hard to resist. It’s a close run thing, but this is my pick of the litter. Haunting but also delicate, it’s full of tension and suspense and helps lift the release to stunning new pastures in the process. This is really great work from the Hive label, no doubt about it.