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Mess Me - Keep On Coming

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ampispazi Recordings is a Berlin-based label that has clocked up no less than 64 releases before now. The 65th comes from Mess Me and is his first on the label. Mess Me is from Lugano and has released on labels like EGO and Kinesen before now. He serves up two tracks here that combine neo trance and deep house to great effect. Firstly, "Keep On Coming" is a stripped back house cut with filtered, darkened vocals laid over slippery beats. Tension bringing synths also drift about in the mix, as do some sombre chords for extra emotion. It’s a seductive and hypnotic cut that will do great things to the right dance floors. Next up is ‘Selector’, which again finds itself stuck in a mid tempo groove. Embellished with rasping, tense chords that speak of late night mischief, they are so sharp they cut right through the drums and overall it’s a fine bit of work. Overall, these two tracks from Mess Me have some great ideas and enough skill to really carry them off.